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Kerslash Vlog 1

7/14/13 by Celshaded
Updated 7/14/13

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Here's a quick little Vlog I did at 4 in the morning to give you guys a better idea of my work space. I also briefly talk about my process for roughing out a script and show some of my materials that I use to work with. You even get a nice little preview of episode 2 of kerslash. Also, here's another video of me working on the storyboards/animatic, for those of you that are into that kind of thing:

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A million gil if you can guess where that music is from!

It would also be cool if you subscribed to the Kerlsash youtube channel if you haven't already :P


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that song is Eiji's theme from battle arena toshinden. love that game. to stay on topic, im glad you do behind the scenes for your stuff. awesome!

7/15/13 Celshaded responds:

Congratulations sir, 1 million gil for you!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I'm going to try and do more bts stuff more regularly.

Nice man, it's good to see behind the scenes of the work in progress. How much did that tablet run you?

7/15/13 Celshaded responds:

I think it was $200 or $250 if I remember correctly.

We have the same tablet! Lets be friends.

7/15/13 Celshaded responds:

Awesome! *high five*