Kerslash on the Big Screen

2013-03-03 09:03:10 by Celshaded

The first episode of Kerslash will be screening at the Soul 4 Reel Film Festival in Forestville Maryland this month! So if you live in the area, come out and show your support and harass me in person.

Kerslash on the Big Screen


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2013-03-03 09:16:06

Something tells me this is going to be awesome.


2013-03-03 11:58:21

It would take me 5 hours to get there and I don't have a ride :(


2013-03-03 12:39:20

This would've been a great opportunity to premiere episode 2 man! Come on!~

Celshaded responds:

These things take time my friend, I am just one man.


2013-03-03 13:12:23

This news is pretty disappointing/shameful in more ways than one.


2013-03-03 13:18:17

The guy below me is clearly high.

Anyway, thats awesome you're showing it off at a festival. I'm pretty close, I might go.


2013-03-03 22:23:27

really? to be honest, I am quite surprised. I felt that the voice acting and story were average at best. No offense, you did a good job on animation, but i feel as though the series would need some work before it reached this stage. Good luck at the festival.


2013-03-04 06:53:55

Ah there we go :D seems like when i said i could see your stuff making you well known was correct ^_^ i'm happy for ya congratulations!
Keep up the great work.


2013-03-05 22:05:14

hey congratulations! that's amazing you made it to the big screen!
i bet ur excited as hell about this, i dont blame you, i would be too!