New Series! AMV ATTACK!

2013-06-14 14:58:09 by Celshaded

I have created a new series called AMV Attack! It is a top 5 anime music video countdown show with an animated ninja girl host:

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This series is inspired by my love of classic music video countdown shows of the 90's and early 2000's. Shows like Video Soul, the early incarnation of 106 & Park with AJ and Free, and yes even Cita's World.

I got the idea to do this just dumpster diving through youtube, trying to find some decent amv's. It's hard to find ones that really stand out, so I hope to do the internet a service by collecting the best ones and featuring them on the countdown.

The key is audience participation; that is commenting on episodes and recommending videos you have made or seen for the countdown.

I'm also still actively working on episode 2 of Kerslash, so hopefully AMV Attack will prove to be a nice diversion. If it does well, I'll start doing episodes of AMV Attack once a month.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to give critiques and comments on what you think; this is a really experimental idea for me and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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2013-06-15 00:48:34

Really interesting idea!


2013-06-15 07:48:11

Oh god....I miss the days when Sprite movies were King.
Now, we have this crap.

Celshaded responds:

Sprite movies, seriously???
Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!


2013-06-15 21:08:36

RandomPrussian is right ya know, Sprite movies once owned NG. With SMBZ leading the charge. Then people slowly started to do away with sprites. Now people try to animate and since it takes longer you don't see as much new stuff on the front page. But this is really disappointing. It manages to come off as a "cash in" submission. Personally id say keep your efforts on EP 2

Celshaded responds:

Although there have been a few gems, sprite movies generally look terrible and they are the laziest, most unoriginal form of animation. It's crazy to me that they are even taken that seriously. People just rip pre-made animation that somebody else worked hard to do from scratch. Just because there were a lot of them in the past doesn't mean they were necessarily good. Quality over quantity my friend. There's no bigger "cash in" then quickly producing a shitty sprite movie because you can't draw the animation yourself. Sorry you have to wait for people to actually put in work to make a quality product for you. I mean would you seriously rather see Kerslash as some ripoff sprite movie just so it would update faster?

I don't expect everybody to like every crazy idea I come up with, but the idea that I made amv attack or anything else for some kind of imaginary pay off is ludicrous. Who's paying for this "cash in"? You think I somehow benefited financially from making that?

If you don't like amv attack, that's all well and good but don't accuse me of having anything but genuine intentions with the creation of my work. I like music video countdown shows and I like watching amv's, just like I like anime and action cartoons. All I'm doing here is trying to make the types of things I enjoy watching, nothing else.


2013-06-16 13:37:13

its pretty cool, i like the whole idea. i used to watch shows like 106 and park and such.
this is actually a really cool thing ur doing. look forward to ep 2.


2013-06-16 13:50:09

oh yeah i remember NG did sprite movies, i guess since alotta folks (including myself) dont know too much about animations like you and others out there, it may be like a start for some.
Personally I like watching both, its amazing how one can use the sprites out from a game and use them as if its their own.
DORKLY from youtube does both animations, but mostly sprites, and his work is just amazing.

its also great with the animations, you really put a lot of effort into it by hand-drawing everything you do and to put it in so much detail, and finding perfect voice actors for your projects. I wish i knew animations in general. :(

that's just my way of thinking and seeing it all, sorry for the paragraph.i do enjoy your animations, and look forward to your next project.


2013-06-16 19:28:56

While I can enjoy the odd ORIGINAL sprite animation (as in something made from scratch or at least something that can use the sprites in some new way), but yeah, drawn animation tends to be much more entertaining when done by someone that actually knows what they're doing.


2013-06-16 20:07:25

I think the host was a creative idea but when it comes to countdowns I get really impatient at anything that drags even the slightest bit hahaha


2013-06-17 03:23:18

I highly recommend you use a darker, thicker stroke when drawing your characters. They would look more comic-book-ish

Celshaded responds:

That's funny you should say that, I was thinking the same thing. I was trying really hard to make Tabitha's lines as thin as possible, but I like the thicker lines better.