Kerslash Vlog 1

2013-07-14 07:55:55 by Celshaded

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Here's a quick little Vlog I did at 4 in the morning to give you guys a better idea of my work space. I also briefly talk about my process for roughing out a script and show some of my materials that I use to work with. You even get a nice little preview of episode 2 of kerslash. Also, here's another video of me working on the storyboards/animatic, for those of you that are into that kind of thing:

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A million gil if you can guess where that music is from!

It would also be cool if you subscribed to the Kerlsash youtube channel if you haven't already :P


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2013-07-14 09:58:14

We have the same tablet! Lets be friends.

Celshaded responds:

Awesome! *high five*


2013-07-14 18:29:34

Nice man, it's good to see behind the scenes of the work in progress. How much did that tablet run you?

Celshaded responds:

I think it was $200 or $250 if I remember correctly.


2013-07-15 02:21:28

that song is Eiji's theme from battle arena toshinden. love that game. to stay on topic, im glad you do behind the scenes for your stuff. awesome!

Celshaded responds:

Congratulations sir, 1 million gil for you!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I'm going to try and do more bts stuff more regularly.