Kerslash Fan Art

2013-07-23 06:52:20 by Celshaded

So I'm working on a trade paper back collection of the original Keralsh webcomic and it's going to have a section for Fan Art! If you're interested submitting something, here are the details:

-I need it in black & white (gray scale)
-At least 300 dpi for resolution
-dimensions must fit 6 x 9 inch dimensions
-send all submissions to
-include the name you want printed with your work with your submission

The deadline is August 31, so that gives you a little over a month.

You can find reference images here.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Kerslash Fan Art


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2013-07-23 17:43:34

i see she's a fan of TFS Abridged. lol


2013-07-23 22:52:27

Whelp I'm all pumped up :D looks like i'll pitch in and throw in something XD.

Celshaded responds:

Awesome! Can't wait too see!


2013-07-24 15:10:29

Who do you call? Ghost Nappa!


2013-08-04 22:01:27 18/kerslash-fanart
Okie doke here is my entry for the fanart ^_^. Enjoy.